Do you need a computer to surf the Internet? Internet connection, wiring for the Internet

  1. Do you need a computer to surf the Internet? Internet connection, wiring for the Internet If you...
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  3. How much does Internet Rostelecom cost to spend in an apartment or private house
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Do you need a computer to surf the Internet? Internet connection, wiring for the Internet

If you want to spend the Internet Rostelecom in a private house or apartment, you need to do the preparation for the procedure and learn about all the possible nuances. On this depends the selection of a suitable option and many other factors.

What technologies exist today?

Connecting to the Internet is now becoming easier every day. You do not need to use satellite technology and other technically complex solutions for a private house. Today there are several options:

  1. ADSL is one of the old options, which is widely used in our country in a number of settlements. It involves the use of a telephone line to transmit a signal. That is, without a home phone to use this solution is impossible.
  2. PON is a modern and much more common solution.
  3. Wi-Fi - uses a standard fiber optic cable that connects to the device.

ADSL is a technology that appeared many years ago. Once it was very common in our country due to the ease of creating networks. A telephone line is used to transmit the signal. Naturally her bandwidth limited, which affects speed.

Theoretically possible speed is 20-24 Mbit / s. On practice this parameter significantly less, rarely rises above 5 Mbit / s. Therefore, the telephone line is not suitable for downloading large amounts of information. Under load, it cannot even be used to play streaming video in high definition.

PON is a very common technology. Usually the company offers with its help to perform the connection for the apartment. If you want Rostelecom to connect fiber to the Internet in a private house, then with very high probability you will fail. Currently network of this type only created in the villages, and the laying process will not end soon.

The main feature of PON is high speed data transfer. It can reach 1 Gbit / s. This fact is the main advantage of fiber optic networks, they are becoming more and more in demand over time.

Wi-Fi technology wireless connection to the network. To do this, use the cable that connects to the router. It distributes a signal to devices, the number of computers connected and mobile devices depends on the model of technology.

The latest technology is the most popular at the moment. She has several advantages:

  • Easy to create networks. The cable connects to the router, the configuration takes place and you can start using it.
  • The whole process takes a minimum of time.
  • You do not have to use wires to connect.
  • You can access the Internet on all devices.
  • It is very simple and comfortable.

It is very simple and comfortable


How to connect the Internet from Rostelecom? There are several ways to do this:

  1. Personally contact the office.
  2. Leave a request on the site.
  3. Call customer support.

To connect to the Internet you can find the nearest office and visit it. How is the procedure:

  • You come to the office.
  • Get advice from an employee. You can learn about the features of the procedure, its cost and tariffs for the Internet.
  • Leave a request.
  • The time will be set at which a specialist can come to you to complete the connection.

It is proposed to use to submit the application site of the company. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the resource.
  • Go to "For yourself", select "Internet".
  • A tab with tariffs will appear. In it you can view all the offers at the moment.
  • You can go to the connection.
  • A request form will appear.
  • Fill in all the specified fields.
  • Submit information.

Submit information

After a while the specialist of the company will contact you. He will specify the time at which you can take an employee. To conduct an Internet Rostelecom to an apartment, you will need to lay a cable from the installed equipment in the house, attach it and perform the configuration.

You can call the contact center. Report the reason for your request. The employee will accept the request and submit it for execution to a special department. You will need to provide personal information to apply.

How much does Internet Rostelecom cost to spend in an apartment or private house

There are no exact prices, it is necessary to recognize them individually from specialists, depending on the place of connection and many other factors. What parameters may affect the cost:

  1. Accession for an apartment or a private house.
  2. The range of work.
  3. The amount of materials spent.
  4. Current promotions and special offers of the company.

Many providers now connect for free. Rostelecom is moving along this path in order to attract customers. But not all cities and settlements have such a proposal. The company introduces special conditions for high competition when it is necessary to create a subscriber network.

How is the connection?

The connection process is carried out in several successive stages:

  1. Initially you contact the company.
  2. Choose the type of connection, you can immediately request wireless point access.
  3. Appointed time for the arrival of a specialist.
  4. He arrives at the facility with a set of equipment and materials.
  5. Draws a line to an apartment or house, connects the cable to the equipment.
  6. The network is being configured and tested.
  7. If a router is installed, then it must also be prepared for use.
  8. A contract is concluded with the client for which the services are provided.

Depending on the complexity and related factors, the entire connection process takes about 30-60 minutes. After laying the lines and settings, you can fully use the Internet. Can access in Personal Area to manage tariffs, monitor the status of the account with it. In LC there is an opportunity for quick replenishment using various methods.

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When working on the modernization of electrical wiring, it makes sense to think about how to connect the Internet in the apartment.

Wiring the Internet - the work is quite simple, but requires a set of tools for stripping the cable and connect the connectors. The minimum set of tools for wiring the Internet cable contains a special cutter for stripping the cable, pliers (crimper) for crimping RJ-45 connectors and a percussion instrument (in the jargon of installers - “tykalka”) to connect the cores of the cable to the outlet.

Before you go online to the apartment, you should decide on the locations of the intended placement of computers and designate the place where the router (router) will be located.

The general principle of organizing a home Internet network

The cable from the provider connects to a special device - a router that distributes the Internet to computers in home network . Usually the number of computers in a home network does not exceed 4, therefore many routers have 4 exits. In addition, the router often has a Wi-Fi access point for connecting wireless devices.

It is best to place the router in the place where it is most convenient to connect cables from all rooms. There also will need to spend the cable from the provider. Do not forget about the outlet for the power of the router.

Once you decide on the connection points of computers and other devices, you can begin to lay the Internet cable. For the wiring of the Internet using a four-pair cable twisted pair "(UTP 5e), for example (used for single laying) or (used for group laying).

The wiring of the Internet cable carries out simultaneously with the laying of the power cable. The ends of the cable are connected to special RJ-45 sockets. Such sockets are also produced by different manufacturers. How to connect the cable to an RJ-45 outlet can be found in the article "Connecting Sockets"

The ends of the cable leading from the sockets should be connected to the router using a RJ-45 jack. To do this, you need to strip the cable from insulation by about 30-40 mm, gently weave the wires and lay them out in the following sequence:

  • white-orange
  • Orange
  • white-green
  • blue
  • white and blue
  • green
  • white brown
  • brown

Then cut at a distance of 14 mm from the insulation, and insert it into the connector, as shown in the figure:

After that, insert into special tongs (crimper) and compress. If possible, it is necessary to ring the connection with a special device - a connection tester. If the tester is not, you can connect the computer to the outlet using a patch cord - a flexible cable with RJ-45 plugs at the ends. If there is no finished patch cord, you can make it yourself from a piece of cable and two RJ-45 plugs.

After that, you can connect the cable to the router and apply power to the computer and the router. If a light bulb on the router lights up above the connector that is connected to the computer, it means that you did everything correctly and the connection will be established.

After that, you can call the provider and ask him to hold the Internet in the apartment .

There are three ways to connect home devices to the Internet - by wires, by WI-FI and the Internet through a socket. Let's talk more about each of the methods.

Method number 1. WI-FI-router

This is probably the easiest and most convenient option. First, most modern gadgets support the WI-FI standard, be it phones, tablets, e-books, game consoles and TVs. By the way, there may be a problem with TVs. As a rule, weak WI-FI receivers are installed in them and therefore the Internet on the TV can work slowly. To avoid such a problem, use the second and third methods described below.

And so, a WI-FI router (also called a router or an access point) is equipment that allows you to divide the Internet signal into several devices. Modern WI-FI-router presented in the picture below.

With the help of a router, you can connect devices both via WI-FI and via wires (Method 2).

What else you may need when installing a router?

Cable laying from door to router

Connecting Internet sockets

Method number 2. Wire connection

By wire is best to connect stationary devices that you do not plan to move around the apartment. For example, desktop computer , tv or game console.

For a wired connection, you can use switches or routers. And with the help of patch cords to connect devices.

The figure below shows an example of connecting the TV to the Internet using a cable.

Method 3: PowerLine Adapters

PowerLine adapters (PLA) are devices that transmit the Internet through an electrical network, in other words, "the Internet through an outlet."

With the help of PowerLine-adapters you can connect both wired devices and wireless ones. The figure below shows an example of a wired powerline adapter. The adapter will be convenient for expanding the network in hard-to-reach places for WI-FI.

Adapters can be connected both from the router and directly from the Internet cable.

How it works?

  1. Internet is connected to the RG-45 connector of the first adapter. The adapter plugs into a 220V electrical outlet. The adapter can also be connected from the router.
  2. A second adapter is connected to another outlet, the device is connected from it using a patch cord or via WI-FI.
  3. Internet is transmitted via the 220W electrical network only within the apartment, on one phase. The Internet can not pass through electricity meters. The Internet will not work in the next apartment if there is an electric meter between you or you have different phases.


The only disadvantage of this method - you have to pay for it. Most providers provides a free connection, but the subscription fee has not been canceled yet. But given the fact that in many cities the speed of access to the Internet has long exceeded 10 Mbit / s, you can find alternative ways to connect to the network.

Agree with your neighbors about joint connection to any provider. Purchase a router and complete one access service agreement to the internet . Let's count: 450 rubles is average price 1 month online, for 2100 rubles you can buy a good router.

Connect the computers of other apartments to the router. For this you will need network cables a certain length. To stretch them through the entrance will have no difficulty. It only remains to keep the router turned on to provide access to the Internet multiple computers simultaneously.

If you want the Internet to be available to all residents of the house, then also purchase a router (router) with USB modem support. For settings router First turn off the computer and connect the Internet cable to the LAN input on the back of the device.

Then connect the USB-modem to the desired connector on the panel of the router. Turn on the router by connecting the adapter to the device first and then to an electrical outlet. Turn on the computer and wait for operating system fully loaded. Then, according to the instructions, configure the router through the specified web service.

To do this, install satellite dish with a diameter of about 90 centimeters, placing it on any of the walls of the building. Then aim the antenna on, attach the satellite receiver and set up the computer. If this causes difficulties for you, then a specialist may be invited for this work.

After installing the necessary equipment and making the settings, select the desired rate and connect to the Internet.

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When moving to the village an important factor is fast internet . It allows you to receive the necessary information about events in the world, to many, including us, allows you to work and earn remotely, with it you can make purchases of something you need with mail delivery (and we often use this opportunity).

Helpful advice

In short, the presence of the Internet in the village increases the attractiveness of country spending time, whatever one may say. For most people, Internet in the village is only required to meet personal needs. Do not consider expensive options. remote connection , such as a dedicated line, radio relay or satellite Internet.


We decided to find out how to rent an apartment in another city via the Internet? You may travel a lot and you are tired of staying in a hotel. It is much more pleasant to live in an apartment, especially if you managed to find a suitable option.

You will need

  • Internet access.
  • Exact information about arrival in another city.
Do you need a computer to surf the Internet?
Do you need a computer to surf the Internet?
What technologies exist today?
How is the connection?
Did you like the video?
What else you may need when installing a router?
How it works?