How to make Yandex the start page automatically now. Start page: what it is and how to do it

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We live in an age when information is everything, because it is not for nothing that they say that owning information is considered to be in possession of the whole world. Today we are spoiled by the availability of any information available in huge quantities on the Internet, and we don’t even need to think about how to organize this information and find among it the one we need - smart search engines will do everything for us, who will create their own personal databases, which will indicate the compliance of certain pages to different search queries. The most well-known and frequently used search engine in Russia and the CIS countries, of course, is the Yandex system, which in addition to the functions of the search engine offers many others. That is why more and more people are wondering how to make Yandex the homepage.

Translate entire website to geographic target language!

Website translation is very important to work in international contexts, but quite complex situations can arise, such as managing multiple versions in English for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia
Website translation is very important to work in international contexts, but quite complex situations can arise, such as managing multiple versions in English for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The algorithm that solves the positioning for countries goes far beyond the translation of texts, it is not enough for the English text to fit well into Australia.

And for what, actually do the home page Yandex? Yes, in order to simply save your time. Indeed, in the overwhelming majority of cases, when accessing the Internet, we do not type the already known site address, but first we still turn to the search engine. Thus, a huge number of users first type the address of the Yandex site in the browser bar. A logical and very logical question arises: why enter the same thing every time, if you can set a search engine as home page ? After all, then it will load automatically when you start the browser, which means that the user will get rid of the need to do the same work that takes time each time. Skeptics will argue that it will take just two seconds to enter the address of a search engine. But let's calculate: let the user access the Internet five times a day and each time type in the address of a search engine. So he spends ten seconds a day typing the address of a search engine. In 365 days we get 3650 seconds, that is, one hour and fifty seconds of life wasted! Is it not a pity to aimlessly wasted time, especially if you can easily solve this problem , just setting the search engine once home page? That is why every self-respecting and appreciating time user of the Internet should know how to make Yandex the homepage in the mace and other browsers often used at home and at work.

Incorrect use of canon report

Do not use cross-domain links or use them incorrectly.

Translated pages must be explicitly linked internally with both users and search engines . Often these links are implemented with flags or anchor text with the name of the language. Make sure you do not link all pages in the same language with home page other languages, but refer to the same translated page!

We are already quite advanced at the Seo level. Can microformats help some geo-referencing actions? How to use redirects in multilingual e-commerce that uses subdomains for each language? Dear users, members, friends and supporters.

So, how to make the start page of Yandex? There are several ways to do this: the first and easiest is to click on the “set as start page” item on the main page of the search engine, however this solution is not possible for all browsers, since some browsers for children do not support the ability to automatically set the home page to provide users. Therefore, we need to use the second method, although it starts in the same way as the first one - click “set as the start page” on the main page, but the system will determine the type of your browser and issue the necessary configuration method, using which you install Yandex to as your home page.

Since the new core is always associated with the risk of harm operating system , the old behavior of removing the old kernel when installing a new one was risky. You can also configure it to store any version of the oldest installed kernel or even a specific version.

Most Free Desktop Desktops

Over the past eight months, we have developed one or more versions for each of these tools with improvements. The whole composition of minor changes includes. When compiling into machine code, the benefits of garbage collection and the possibility of reflection at runtime are used. Plasma activity has received several improvements.

For some browsers, the third method is suitable - register the address of the home page through the properties of the browser shortcut, however this way It is considered obsolete and most manufacturers no longer build this feature into their browsers. So, as you can see, there are at least three ways to make Yandex the homepage, but the second one is the most popular.

The interface is designed to serve the user with discretion, without interfering with his activities, and provides a powerful but non-invasive notification service, and is deeply integrated with the calendar, web chat and other technologies
The interface is designed to serve the user with discretion, without interfering with his activities, and provides a powerful but non-invasive notification service, and is deeply integrated with the calendar, web chat and other technologies. The mousse window activation function has been improved and, although not perfect yet, will work quite well in most cases. Improved system settings, and now shows links to other related settings. You can participate in web conversations, respond to messages, accept or reject friend requests, forward invitations to conversations, whatever, without explicitly launching an instant messaging program.

We hope that this article has helped you to figure out how to make Yandex as the starting page, and you will no longer have questions about this. Successful use of your browser and Yandex as a start page!

The start page is the one that opens immediately after loading the browser. Try to choose own page of the five presented below.

File open dialogs in applications now display the list. latest files and folders.

  • Better performance and new theme, modified to select fonts.
  • New on-screen keyboard and a number of improvements in accessibility.

In addition, many features were added to each application, and many of the errors that affected them were corrected. Below is a brief overview.

Communication and collaboration software

Now you can search inside the session history in any simplicity by navigating to various parameters, such as “Who” or “When”, to filter the displayed information. After eliminating the initial errors, this platform will provide greater stability and performance, more stable and reliable connection to new services and the sharing of several applications by the exchange of information.

Chrome New Tab / Opera Speed ​​Dial / Speed ​​Dial for Firefox

Chrome New Tab / Opera Speed ​​Dial / Speed ​​Dial for Firefox

start page with reduced screenshots of selected sites is not a new invention. For the first time such a tool was introduced by Opera. Now similar tools have appeared for both Chrome and Firefox.

Bug fixes will be available through updates, so users are encouraged to report problems and update their systems frequently. The process can take a significant amount of time, even for one day on slow lenses and mailboxes with several gigabytes. If your data is stored on the server and locally, it is stored only in temporary memory for cache purposes, then there should be no data loss.

This means that your mail should stay where it already is - whether on the server or in a local directory. Of course, actions such as moving or deleting letters will synchronize the archive in which they are kept their original emails ! Each one is offered in a new release with new features and bug fixes.

True, many users say that the tool for Opera, Opera Speed ​​Dial, is still the most advanced at the moment.

Custom page

Custom page

This type of start page does not depend on what browser you have - after all, it’s not the third-party developer who is involved in the setup, but you yourself. If you do not like any of the listed starting pages, you can create your own. The start page is what you can do yourself by creating the necessary HTML document on your computer and setting it as the start page.

This is a multi-track editor with a timeline and an unlimited number of audio and video tracks. Process the video in a separate stream while you are still working and allows you to pause, stop and restart processing. Latest version , 2, fixes more than 140 stability issues and introduces an automatic Reserve copy to avoid data loss. See the ad for more information. There is also the possibility of recording at a frequency of 96 kHz and 32 bits with high quality transformations, as well as a variety of spectrum analysis tools.