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Hello friends.

I share the good news. From August 30, 2016, the transfer of .ru and .рf domains will start to be carried out only online. It will be possible to transfer all domains to one place, without visiting a notary and going to the office.

The regulation was approved on December 3, 2015, and the order of entry into force was signed six months later, on June 23. They waited! We rejoice and stock up on money.

We rejoice and stock up on money

You heard right, the transfer will be paid, as with TLD domains. But with a significant difference: the fact of transfer is paid. In .com, for example, the domain is then extended for an additional 1 year.

From August 30, registrars will have to pay for the right to accept a domain. This moment is not clear to me.

Some registrars can find transfer prices. Now there are amounts up to 90 rubles.

Recipient registrar sets the amount required to transfer a domain to it. At the same time, he pays a certain commission to the donor registrar.

The most interesting thing is that the amount received by the “release” registrar does not appear anywhere. Either this is a fixed rate, or the registrars themselves set the amount of remuneration1. Most likely, it will be explained after August 30.

1 Transparent to the domain administrator, the new registrar pays some amount to the old one. It may be more than payment for services by the user. This makes probable abuse by individual registrars. For example, a commission of 1,000 rubles is set, which the registrar-recipient is obligated to pay.

The essence of the transfer scheme:

  1. the user - the domain administrator - sends the application to the donor registrar (his own, current) to receive the AuthInfo-code;
  2. Within 3 working days, the donor registrar must generate and issue this code in one of the following ways: using email authorization, sms authorization or writing;
  3. the user pays for the service to the new registrar and sends the AuthInfo code;
  4. the registrar-recipient checks the validity of the AuthInfo code and the correspondence of the domain administrator's data2;
  5. After the necessary checks, the new registrar asks for confirmation from the domain administrator using email, sms or a written statement. The user is given 5 calendar days;
  6. registrar-recipient initiates the transfer of the domain through the Registry. The donor registrar is given 5 calendar days to refuse or approve the transfer, when inactive, the application is considered approved automatically.

2 It is not said how this is done, so the former version is theoretically possible through a notary or an office.

Transfer details can be found in the text of the regulations . There are many letters, but you can grasp the essence.

Table with domain transfer prices

Registrar Transfer price, rub Note AGAVA-hosting LLC 0 Obviously, in this way the registrar seeks to get more customers. For users, this is not bad, as long as the tariffs do not disappoint. AxelNeim LLC 90 - Naunet SP 90 LLC - Regional Network Information Center JSC ( 89 - Registrator LLC ( 90 - REG.RU Domain Registrar LLC 90 - JSC “Registrar P01” ( 89 According to the documents, the transfer will cost 100 rubles. Proof .

The remaining registrars remain silent for the time being. Apparently, they are looking at competitors.

Friends, how do you like the news? Planning to change the registrar? And who would you prefer?

Looking forward to comment.

And that's all. Of good!


I decided to test the registrar change. Regtime allows you to get authinfo for a domain in just a few clicks. In reg_ru entered the domain name, paid the amount required for the transfer, filled in the field authinfo.

I received an indication that I should write a letter about the transfer of the domain and take it (!) To the office of the current registrar or send it by mail, notarizing (!!).

At the same time, it’s written on the “WebNames” website that I have to send a letter to the new registrar with a desire to transfer the domain to them.

Something from these mutually exclusive paragraphs is sub-dependent.

Supplement 2

Unsubscribed yesterday to the WebNames. Today I received the answer that the receiving registrar should initiate the transfer.

But on the reg_ru website, when you click on the link “Awaiting Action”, it is written that a letter was sent to me, which contains a link to confirm the intention of the transfer.

I will understand further.

Supplement 3

He sought clarification to support reg_ru. The answer is incorrect Authinfo. I would like to hope that this is not a sabotage of the WebNames, which thus does not want to let go of customer domains, but simply a glitch.

I will wait a little more. According to the regulations, the code should be valid no more than 20 days, after which a new one is created.

Supplement 4

Finally, the waiting time is up. Domain transfer was aborted, authinfo changed. Again ordered a registrar change.

This time getting the code was different. Webnames sends it to the webmoney wallet. Pretty convenient for a single domain.

Almost immediately after the initiation procedure, a letter came from reg_ru asking to follow the link, so to speak, confirm the intention. Did, now I wait, while the old registrar deigns to release the domain. According to the regulations, 5 working days are given, after which it is considered that he has no complaints against me / the domain and the change will occur automatically. I am waiting.

Supplement 5

Hooray! This day came. Today, the old registrar released the domain and sent a notice. At least in the WebNames → Reg_ru chain, the domain is transferred without problems.

But there are problems with another registrar, Naunet. Something that was feared happened: the registrar must submit a notarized (by mail) or in person (to the office) application for entering the phone and e-mail into the Register, to which the authorization code can be received. In fact, it is no different from a paperless transmission. Interestingly, the registrar acts strictly according to the regulations, “ascertained” in the client's identity.

I don’t understand one thing: the Registry has a list of Domain Admins. What registrars are required to replenish it with your data? Unanswered question.


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Friends, how do you like the news?
Planning to change the registrar?
And who would you prefer?
What registrars are required to replenish it with your data?